Mississippi’s Largest Employer Partners With E3 Environmental To Take A Proactive Approach Against COVID-19

E3 Environmental is partnering with Ingalls Shipbuilding, to conduct a complete disinfection of their 600-acre facility in Pascagoula, Mississippi. With 11,500 employees, Ingalls is the largest manufacturing employer in Mississippi. They are builder-of-record for 35 Aegis DDG 51 class guided missile destroyers, LHA 6 class large deck amphibious ships, National Security Cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard and the sole builder of the Navy’s fleet of San Antonio (LPD 17) class amphibious assault ships.

As coronavirus concerns progress, Ingalls is halting production for a 5-day period, while E3 crews work around the clock (15,000 labor-hours) to complete a top to bottom disinfection of the facility. This type of proactive approach is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for employees.

E3’s team of highly trained environmental response specialists are using a variety of techniques to ensure every surface in the facility is disinfected, such as applying disinfecting foams agents and aerosolizing disinfecting solutions. Once disinfected, each area is sampled to ensure no biological contaminants remain.

“Ingalls has been an E3 client for over 5 years, and safety is paramount in everything they do,” said J.T. Newman, President of E3 Environmental. “Their concern for the health and safety of their employees is a testament to their values, which align with our values here at E3.”

E3 provides biological and viral decontamination services from small office spaces to large facilities covering hundreds of acres, including Health Care facilities, Clinics and Nursing Homes, Sports Stadiums, Large Multiple Building Industrial Complexes, Oil Refineries, Cruise Ships, Maritime Operations, Military Installations and more. Their team of environmental response specialists have extensive training and experience with infectious disease emergencies, including COVID-19, Avian influenza, staph, drug resistant Tuberculosis, Norovirus and Ebola.


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